The largest digital asset prime brokerage powering the world’s leading institutions

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Harness 94% of the world’s digital asset liquidity

Leveraging machine learning algorithms, FalconX aggregates more than 70 venues and offers access to the deepest liquidity pool in the market, delivering a superior execution experience and optimal results.

A trusted and tailored solution to a fragmented and complex industry

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In the US, you may trade swaps with FalconX Bravo Inc., a CFTC-registered Swap Dealer.

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Offering the most comprehensive institutional-grade digital asset products

• Seamless, efficient execution

• Access 94% of global crypto liquidity

• Execute trades via RFQ/RFS, API, or white-glove

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• Hedge risk and generate yield

• CFTC-registered swap dealer

• Bespoke OTC derivatives structures

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• Scale returns with up to 5x leverage

• Cross-portfolio margin

• Flexible loan options

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Providing the industry’s most sophisticated managers with safe access to deep liquidity

Developed by experts at leading financial institutions, trading and tech firms, the FalconX team operates at the intersection of finance and blockchain technology. We are delivering the financial platform of tomorrow, today.

What our customers are saying

Nikhil Thakur

Nikhil Thakur,
Head of Finance,

"FalconX has been a valuable partner in enhancing liquidity solutions for Figment, improving our validator operations’ capital efficiency. With their expertise in both traditional finance and digital assets, FalconX has developed innovative financial solutions that fit our specific needs. Their 24/7 operation shows their dedication, ensuring that key infrastructure providers like Figment remain consistent and reliable.
Alessandro Balata

Alessandro Balata,
Portfolio Manager,
Fasanara Capital

"FalconX 360 is extremely comprehensive, streamlining crypto management with unprecedented operational and capital efficiency. The responsiveness of the team and the platform capabilities are impressive, allowing management of all our accounts in a simple and intuitive manner.
Ari Paul

Ari Paul,
CIO Co-founder,

"I have been extremely impressed with FalconX’s ability to execute on their vision of bringing value-add solutions to customers.

Discover how leveraging FalconX could elevate your digital assets strategy from our team of institutional experts


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