Powering the ETF Ecosystem in Digital Assets

FalconX Edge

Standing at the forefront of the digital assets market, FalconX seamlessly integrates traditional finance with the future of finance.

As a leader in digital assets trading, we are dedicated to providing institutional-grade solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the ETF market in the digital asset landscape.

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Digital Assets Market

FalconX is uniquely positioned as a critical partner for traditional financial institutions venturing into digital assets. With our deep experience and expertise, we enable a trusted and secure passage into the world of digital assets.

Why FalconX?

Scale & Expertise

Harness our extensive scale and leading trading capabilities, built on a foundation of institutional-grade security and reliability.

Institutional Focus

Since inception, we've focused on building a platform to meet the sophisticated needs of institutional clients, delivering world-class service and technology.

Regulatory Compliance

We are committed to regulatory excellence and adhere to sound risk management practices, fostering a safe and stable ecosystem for digital asset transactions.

Day One Milestone

FalconX executed over 30% of all BTC creation transactions for ETF issuers on the very first day of trading.

Pioneering Innovations for the ETF Ecosystem

Beyond liquidity provision, FalconX is instrumental in building innovative tools and offerings to support a wide array of market participants entering the digital asset markets

Advocating for Regulation

Championing a more regulated market to ensure safety, stability, and trust in digital asset transactions.


Opening the gates to digital assets for a wider audience, fostering an inclusive, responsible, and equitable financial landscape.

Leading Market Evolution

Pioneering the evolution of digital financial markets, setting new standards in innovation, security, and institutional engagement.

For more information about FalconX’s ETF business, please contact etf@falconx.io

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