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FalconX FX Services

FalconX is the premier liquidity partner for crypto-native firms and institutions venturing into crypto. With deep experience in trading and a 24/7/365 client service team, we provide trusted and secure access to digital asset markets.

Comprehensive Currency Pairs

Trade in an extensive selection of 18 currencies and 400+ cryptocurrencies with our leading deliverable FX service. Our crypto-fiat pairs effectively address the unique and growing needs of global investors by eliminating multicurrency challenges, ensuring the flexibility required for global trading.

* Additional currencies are available upon request

Competitive Pricing

Experience industry-leading spreads, as FalconX is committed to offering the most economical trading environment, catering to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from crypto-native firms to traditional financial institutions.

Settlement Speed

Understanding that every second matters, FalconX prioritizes rapid settlement and offers personalized, high-touch service for each trade. With streamlined onboarding, we ensure you're trading as quickly as possible, supported by an industry leading FX team ready to guide you through the most efficient trading pathways.

Strategic FX Solutions for Global Finance

Treasury Management

FalconX streamlines currency management for crypto firms with multi-currency exposures, simplifying operations for CFOs and Treasury Teams. We offer seamless currency trading to facilitate operating balance adjustments, profit repatriation, investment, and reducing overexposure.

Market Making

FalconX enables market makers and OTC desks to offer competitive pricing in non-USD currencies to their international clientele. By delivering precise FX quotes for one leg of the trade or a full quote, we empower market makers to efficiently serve a global market, simplifying international transactions and enhancing market liquidity.

Market Access

FalconX provides unparalleled access to new markets, removing barriers for clients looking to broaden their reach. We help navigate the complexities of international currency markets, enabling market makers, hedge funds, and crypto companies to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities, without the limitations of specific currencies.

For more information about FalconX’s FX services, please contact fx@falconx.io