Direct Market Access

FalconX Edge

One account, one line of credit, and direct cross-margined access to global exchange1. There is no simpler, safer, and more scalable way to access exchange liquidity for institutions

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Turnkey Access

Onboard and get started in minutes with FalconX Direct Market Access1 - the only counterparty you need - to unlock access to leading spot and derivative exchanges with zero additional latency or setup required.

Capital Efficiency

Scale your strategy with a single line of credit from FalconX, cross-margined over multiple venues, to extract maximum value from every trade. Net risk across multiple exchanges and other FalconX products to unlock more trading opportunities.

Operations Control

Ensure streamlined and secure operations with advanced permission control. FalconX’s closed-loop asset transfer network enables seamless fund transfers between exchanges and sub-accounts.

Frictionless Reporting

Centralized access to institutional-grade reporting for your trade, deposit, transfer, and withdrawal activities across venues, as well as customized reports that meet your audit and reconciliation requirements.

Gain direct access to select exchanges with zero added latency, centralized portfolio management, and up to 5x leverage - all through a single account

Connect to leading exchanges in minutes 
with our turnkey solution

Seamless Onboarding

Upon standard KYC & AML, tech handoff involves less that 15 minutes of engineering time to set-up

Institutional-grade Security

IP address whitelisting paired with robust user permissions ensures institutional-grade protection tailored to your workflow

Instant Trading Access

Start trading on FalconX DMA immediately after address whitelisting - no additional integration work is required

¹ Use of FalconX Direct Market Access (DMA) is contingent upon completing FalconX's KYC Onboarding Process. The DMA product may not be available to all Users, including, but not limited to, US Persons and other jurisdictions/User prohibitions as determined by relevant exchanges. Please contact a FalconX Relationship Manager for further information.

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