The only digital asset platform you need

FalconX 360 is the most comprehensive digital asset
platform offering institutions end-to-end support through the trade lifecycle
to maximize returns and manage risk, efficiently and securely


  • Unified Portfolio Management

    Consolidate risk across venues and view balances & positions in one comprehensive place
  • Robust Governance & Control

    Minimize security risk with granular, role-based permission controls


  • Unmatched Liquidity Access
    Leverage the most advanced RFQ/RFS platform and tap into the world's leading liquidity pool
  • Advanced Execution Capabilities
    Execute large trades efficiently and at speed with minimized slippage and diversified counterparty risk
  • Bespoke Trading Solutions
    Utilize structured products and uniquely configured strategies for customized exposure that aligns with your objectives
  • Financing & Cross-portfolio Margin
    Maximize returns through leveraged positions against your net exposure; access credit in minutes with One-Click Borrow


  • Seamless Transfer Network
    Safely transfer and rebalance assets between venues and counterparties in a single account
  • Streamlined Back Office Operations
    Robust and customizable reporting for seamless reconciliation; measure your execution quality through Transaction Cost Analysis
  • Integrated Risk Management
    Monitor and manage your exposure across spot and derivatives effortlessly in a single portfolio view

Centralizing all trading activity for any digital 
asset strategy

• High-touch, GUI, and API connectivity

• Dedicated account management

• Leading Options, Forwards, and Structured Products desk

• Exclusive research and insights

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• Elastic balance sheet with up to 5x Leverage

• Cross-portfolio margin

• Deep spot and derivatives liquidity

• Flexible and competitive loan terms

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• Institutional-grade security

• Post-trade allocation

• Robust, customizable reporting

• End-of-day snapshots for seamless reconciliation

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“QCP Capital is proud to be a partner of FalconX. Being able to use FalconX 360 to streamline different systems, and manage accounts for each trading platform or liquidity provider, has contributed operational and capital efficiency to our institutional crypto trading business”

Timothy Kan
 Head of Flow Desk

Streamline processes and strategies across venues and counterparties seamlessly

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