Minimize Exchange Counterparty Risk with Prime Connect

An Off-Exchange Settlement Solution with Prime Services

The most secure and capital-efficient way to trade on exchanges with credit and cross-margin benefits - all while keeping your assets off-exchange in secure, regulated custody

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Strategic FX Solutions for Global Finance

Off-Exchange Settlement

Get 1:1 buying power on exchanges while keeping your assets securely off-exchange in FalconX's regulated custody, ensuring full control and minimized risk

Maximize Capital Efficiency

Scale your strategies with 
FalconX’s institutional-grade, stable credit lines to extract maximum 
value from every trade

Enhanced Risk Management

Simplify risk management 
with cross-exchange margining, enabling portfolio-wide risk netting that unlocks more borrowing and trading opportunities

Streamlined Market Access

One-time onboarding unlocks Off-Exchange Settlement, Custody, and Direct Market Access across multiple exchanges, all with a unified settlement process

Insolvency Risk Protection

Experience enhanced security with our bankruptcy-remote custody, ensuring your assets are safeguarded against insolvency risks

Proven and Tested

FalconX Custody is penetration tested and FalconX’s DMA solution stands as a top trading partner for exchanges, used to facilitate some of the largest trading volumes in the industry

How It Works

Deposit your assets into the FalconX Prime Connect custody wallet

Custody wallet balance is mirrored in your exchange sub-account, enabling you to trade directly on the exchange while your funds remain in FalconX Custody

Marked-to-market settlements every 
24 hours with the flexibility to withdraw excess funds at any time

FalconX Exchange Link Difference

FalconX Prime Connect
Other Off-Exchange Solutions
Credit Extension
Improved Execution
One-Time Onboarding
Unified Reporting
Institutional-grade, regulated 
prime custody solution
  • Assets held in FalconX Custody are segregated and bankruptcy-remote
  • Industry-leading Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology eliminates single points of failure
  • Robust and flexible policy engine for tailored operational controls
Direct access to global exchanges with credit and cross-margining
  • Turnkey solution connects you to leading exchanges in minutes with no additional integration required
  • Up to 5x leverage to scale your strategies
  • Cross-exchange risk netting for complete portfolio management

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