Maximize your buying power with FalconX Financing

Unlock competitive financing with FalconX - Up to 5x leverage, cross margin benefits, superior capital utilization and terms


Flexible Structuring

Unlock a broad range of crypto loans, both fixed and open-term, to optimize capital utilization

Competitive Rates

Competitively priced, stable rates in sync with short-term lending markets, delivering essential flexibility to enhance your capital efficiency

Ease and Support

Access instant financing with our One-Click Borrow feature and enjoy seamless just in time capital deployment and repayments

Trade On Your Terms

FalconX Financing provides flexible open-term and fixed-term loans that can be adjusted to suit your trading requirements. Tap into major crypto assets, leverage our competitive rates, and enjoy the convenience of repaying on-demand.

Robust Risk Management

FalconX Financing employs best-in-class risk management mechanisms and rigorous security protocols to secure your assets and investments.

  • Automated monitoring of account balances, positions, and margin
  • Progressive margin call and liquidation policies enabling timely user action
  • All collateral and loan proceeds remain securely on platform
  • 24/7 access to risk management specialists

Easy, Seamless Financing Access

Deploy a single line of credit across multiple exchanges on Edge or against positions held by FalconX on a principal basis.

Access credit your way - Opt for the ease of instant One-Click Borrow, or utilize our OTC bespoke financing.

Flexible Settlement

With FalconX, save at least one day of capital utilization with T+1 and extended settlement options.

As opposed to full pre-funding on exchanges, FalconX provides T+1 and delayed settlement with only 20%-33% collateral, keeping your capital working for you to generate alpha and lower your total position cost.

Let FalconX Financing be the catalyst for scaling your digital asset strategy

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